Catalan culture highlight
Human tower:
Sardana (Catalan dance):
Jamon (Iberian ham):
City of Barcelona:

Ecological Footprint Inquiry

Calculate your own ecological footprint: warm-upRemember to choose your correct country/ continent

Calculate your own ecological footprint in group

HKG students' ecological footprint
Group 1: (1.26 earths)
Group 2: (1.39 earths)
Group 3: (1.18 earths)
Group 4 (Emily's group): (1.09 earths)
Group 5: (Avator's group): (1.13 earths)
Group 6: (Terry and Vicky): (0.71 earth)

BCN students' ecological footprint
Group 1: (2.82 earths)
Group 2: (2.23 earths)

A special talk on 22 January 2011 at The University of Hong Kong
"Conservation of North and South Poles"
Speakers: Dr. Rebeeca Lee (First Chinese lady reaching 3 poles, North Poles, South Poles and Himalayas); Prof Lung San Chan (Chairman of Science Faculty of The University of Hong Kong, also one of the tour leader with Patrick Lam for the Antarctica expedition in Dec 2010)

Stimulation for discussing invention

Solar-powered water purifier

electromagnetic flashlight

Sensory escaluator (photo is coming)

Kinectic appliance (remote control, watch etc)

How electricity is made?

On-line collaborative invention

1. 26 Feb - 9 April 2011

2. Expert visit: Mr. Fung Chan, Engineer, Shinhint Acoustic Holdings Limited (HK: 2728) on 5 March 2011


Mr. Chan shared his insight about the students' innovation ideas and explained the important concepts of electricity generation, storage, transmission and regulation.
He also used RFID (radio frequency identity) system as an example to illustrate the relationship between science and application.