Ecological Footprint Inquiry

Calculate your own ecological footprint: warm-upRemember to choose your correct country/ continent

Calculate your own ecological footprint in group

HKG students' ecological footprint
Group 1: (1.26 earths)
Group 2: (1.39 earths)
Group 3: (1.18 earths)
Group 4 (Emily's group): (1.09 earths)
Group 5: (Avator's group): (1.13 earths)
Group 6: (Terry and Vicky): (0.71 earth)


A. Field trips

6 Nov 2010 Bride's Pool Nature Trail and Ting Kok Road mangrove
Early April 2011 Southeast New Territories Landfill, Tseun Kwan O
Late April 2011 EcoPark: plastic recycling factory, Tuen Mum

B. Seminars

A special talk on 22 January 2011 at The University of Hong Kong
"Conservation of North and South Poles"
Speakers: Dr. Rebeeca Lee (First Chinese lady reaching 3 poles, North Poles, South Poles and Himalayas); Prof Lung San Chan (Chairman of Science Faculty of The University of Hong Kong, also one of the tour leader with Patrick Lam for the Antarctica expedition in Dec 2010)

A special public seminar on 26 March 2011 at The Hong Kong Polytecnic University
"Sharing of the first Asian group of secondary students to Antarctica" (Patrick H.C. was one of the tour leaders)

C. Engineers joining our class: upcoming

Some scientists and engineers from university and corporates will join the class in March and April to give students more practical tips and insight for the invention.


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starting on 19 February 2011