Collaborative invention for minimizing ecological footprint

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Preliminary ideas during the brainstorming session on 19 Feb 2011.
Cross-border knowledge construction among Hong Kong and Barcelona students from Feb to April 2011


This “Sling Carpet” is put on the floor of the school entrance.
Under the carpet, there is a sling. When people step on it, kinetic energy can be changed to electricity energy.
The electricity is stored in the school and provide for the school electricity appliances.
An e-book is produced.

Noisy Lamp

The sound from busy city center will turn to wave energy.
The energy is stored and converted into electricity for street lamp.-- A glogster is produced.


It is a windmill that put on train, car, boat, ferry or even plane (car preferred).
When the vehicle moves, there is wind blowing from the front.
It will form a wind power to move the fan/ turbine and produces electrical energy then can be sent to the battery.
-- An e-book is produced.


Smoke/ air pollutant from factories is turned into clean air and converts into useful energy.
It is a dual purposeful device for (1) filter smoke and (2) energy generation.
-- A glogster is being produced.

Sling Stairs

This invention produces electricity thanks to the kinetic energy. When people step on the stairs they push it downwards allowing a mechanism to produce electricity. It can be used in any stairs. Another possible use could be as speed bumps for cars.
See ISSUU presentation

Wind User

Thanks to the wind power we can produce electricity with this invention. It is based on big windmills but with the wind user you can use the wind in fast means of transport like cars, trains or planes.
See ISSUU presentation

Lightning Keeper

Lightnings are a powerrful source of energy. We can collect them with this invention and store their energy. we can use it later in the form of electricity.
See ISSUU presentation

Student Demonstration at the Centre for Information Technology in Education Research Symposium, 30 June 2011, Hong Kong

Crystallizing experience of i-nternational knowledge building: optimizing the learning e-nvironment.